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IndoorTV – Corporate TV is a product defined by a closed system for broadcasting content via TV.

It comprises a computer program that manages the entire system, supported by a computer capable of outputting a TV signal.

Depending on the broadcasting system of the TV signal throughout the premises, IndoorTV – Corporate TV can be used in common places such as Entrance Halls and private places such as hotel rooms.

Contents are fully managed via backoffice, making the use of IndoorTV – Corporate TV completely independent of any type of external intervention.


Particularly aimed at businesses with some movement of people where the exposure time is medium/high. Examples: Shops, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Clinics, Clubhouses…


Possibility of managing videos, photo presentations, time management: “Your turn”, “Golf outings”, advertising spots, local time, temperature, band news, etc.

Technical Approach:

IndoorTV – Corporate Tv works through a license provided by – Ideias frescas. Activation will be required to work. Each license can be installed on a single computer, which can be connected to an infinite number of televisions that the customer wishes.


Added value for the customer:

Innovation in communication with its customers at the point of sale; possibility of transmitting information aimed at occupying waiting times; increased bargaining power with suppliers through the marketing of advertising;

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