Creation of the Essence brand.

Our agency is pleased to present the project to create the brand and logo of Essência, a company in Angola specialized in perfumes for environments.

Through a minimalist and elegant approach, the visual identity seeks to convey the brand's values ​​of sophistication, exclusivity and well-being.

Inspired by Angola's culture and natural beauty, we combine traditional and contemporary elements to create a memorable and captivating brand.

The logo, with the word "Essence" in a modern font and soft colors, creates a connection with the target audience, conveying confidence and quality.

The color palette includes exclusivity and subtle details, along with pastel tones to convey tranquility.

The slogan "Perfume for your Space" captures the essence of the company's proposal, offering a unique and invigorating experience.

Essência stands out in the Angolan market as a brand that offers quality perfumes, transforming any space into an engaging and welcoming environment.


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