Ruina Restaurant Branding

Ideias Frescas were selected to develop the logo and corporate image of "A Ruina" Restaurant. Historic brand and poster for one of the most captured photographs of Albufeira, the restaurant "A Ruina" thus assumes the need to renew its image.

The logo created features 3 shapes alluding to the bow of a traditional fishing boat that formerly illustrated Praia dos Pescadores where the Restaurant A Ruina is located. The colours are easily connotated with the boats once displayed. The lettering illustrates picturesque but elegant shapes to assume the brand's positioning.

A little of history

Taken by the Arabs in 716, Albufeira was then designated as “Al-Buhera” – Castle of the Sea.

With the 1755 earthquake, the village suffered irreparable damage, leaving part of the castle wall and the cistern without an aqueduct.

Taking advantage of the structure of the wall of the Tower that defended Porta de Sant’Ana, the restaurant A Ruína has been in operation since 1971 – always with João and Salomé Lázaro in the art of hospitality – being associated with the development of Albufeira.

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