Corporate Social Responsibility: A Necessary Commitment to Build a Solidary Future

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a crucial theme in the business landscape, and Ideias Frescas stands out as an inspiration, not only for its own efforts but also for calling on other companies to join this movement. In Portugal, CSR is not just a differential but a necessity to build a fairer and more solidary society.

The Global Vision of Social Responsibility:

Ideias Frescas firmly believes that companies play a fundamental role in building stronger communities and improving living conditions. This commitment goes beyond commercial interests, encompassing a broader view of social responsibility that all companies should embrace.


Initiatives Supported by Ideias Frescas:


  • Anjos Com Guarda
  • Rotary Clube de Loulé
  • Hospalhacitos do Algarve
  • Asmal
  • Aremda
  • Apatris 21


The Call to All Companies:

Ideias Frescas is not only committed to CSR; it calls on all companies to actively consider the role they can play in promoting social good. Social responsibility is not exclusive to a single company but a collective journey to build a fairer and more equitable society.

By supporting social initiatives, companies not only meet the immediate needs of the community but also strengthen the foundation for a more resilient future. Each company has the potential to make a difference, and Ideias Frescas challenges others to join this collective movement.

Ultimately, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just an ethical choice but a vital necessity for building a more solidary and sustainable Portugal. By adopting socially responsible practices, companies not only thrive in business but also play a fundamental role in building a more promising future for all. Join Ideias Frescas and other committed companies in this noble mission of social impact.

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