How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Marketing

More and more creative industries are feeling the impact that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is having, and one of them is the field of Marketing. Here are some of these impacts:


1. Ease of obtaining information about consumer behavior;


For a marketer, one of the most important tasks is to understand exactly how the consumer behaves. Currently, AI plays an important role in collecting personal information online. While the internet is an open door to provide information to users, it also remembers and learns all their online traces.

Thus, AI is capable of creating databases about consumer behavior by learning what people search for, view, and purchase online.


2. Predict future trends;


AI can identify popular cultures and predict future trends based on its study of social media content. Social media has become an essential battlefield for advertisements and campaigns. With this, AI can help human marketing agents predict future demand while creating strategies for product improvement and future campaigns.


3. Personalize content creation


AI not only helps understand consumer behavior but also creates personalized content for them. This content comes in the form of emails, messages, and pop-ups with product recommendations that capture attention. With the help of AI, marketers are able to increase efficiency in their work.


4. PPC ads


PPC (Pay-per-click) is a digital marketing model in which advertisers pay for the number of times their ad is clicked. This PPC operation relies on the keyword search engine. Google Ads is a good example of PPC ads, and with it, ads have a higher chance of being seen by potential consumers and a higher click-through rate.


5. Change in the Customer Experience;


Chatbots have become the main form of communication for customer services. The application of chatbots increases response and service speed, thus improving the customer experience and satisfaction. In addition, the extensive memory and analysis capacity allows AI to collect information and feedback from consumers, categorize questions by frequency, and generate reports based on those questions.


And you, what is your opinion on this evolution?

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