Just another day at the office

ideias // blog // 17 MAY 2023 // Just another day at the office

We present: "Just another day at the office" - A video that combines various animation techniques!

In this incredible video, we dive into an animated world that brings to life a seemingly ordinary routine in a creative work day at our agency. What makes this video truly special is its unique approach, using a combination of different animation techniques to create a stunning mix of styles and visual effects.

During production, three distinct techniques were used to bring each scene to life and convey a rich and immersive visual experience. The first technique used was the Traditional Frame by Frame, a meticulous process in which each frame is drawn individually, capturing the essence of the movement in an artisanal way. This technique provides a sense of fluidity and authenticity, adding a classic and nostalgic touch to the video.

In addition, the Rotoscopy technique was incorporated, in which the animators use real footage as a reference to create the characters' movements and gestures. This results in a sense of realism and naturalness, adding a human and organic element to the animation. Through rotooscopy, we were able to capture the essence of everyday movements in the office, providing a more immersive experience for viewers.

Finally, to add a unique and personalized touch, Photoshop filters were applied to certain scenes. These filters allowed the manipulation of colors, textures and visual styles, bringing a distinct and contemporary aesthetic to the video. With the use of Photoshop filters, we were able to create different atmospheres for each moment of the day in the office, further enriching the visual experience.

The combination of these different animation techniques in "Just another day at the office" results in a captivating video that transports viewers into the animated world in a unique way. This innovative and diverse approach demonstrates the animators' ability to explore different styles and visual effects, creating an animated work of art that delights and surprises.

Get ready to be enchanted and surprised by "Just another day at the office" and let yourself be carried away by the different animation techniques that come together in a single video. A truly special visual experience that will captivate and inspire everyone.

Created by: Sofia Vidal // Designer @ Ideias Frescas # Web Design Studios


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