Marketing Automation Know the main benefits

Do you know what marketing automation is and the benefits it can bring to your marketing strategy? If you don't know, you are in the right place!

When we talk about the automation process, we are referring to the programming of machines, software or systems to carry out a certain activity.

In the case of marketing automation, there is the process of sending content to leads, which are potential customers.

This is called lead nurturing and is essential to ensure the efficiency of digital campaigns, as well as adding good decisions in the customer's buying process.

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5 benefits of marketing automation


Anyone working in the marketing area, especially digital marketing, needs to know what automation is, as well as the benefits of investing in this type of strategy. Imagine that the digital environment is quite complex, with different customer profiles.

Automation helps to develop quality content, aimed at a specific audience. Shall we better understand these benefits?

Lead nurturing;
Personalized communication for the client;
Possibility of shortening the sales cycle;
Reduction of repetitive tasks;
Gain time to carry out other activities.

Leads are potential customers your brand may have. They are identified the moment the customer shows interest in the brand, through registration in a form or landing page.

However, when that person registers, he or she expects to receive content from the brand.

That's why automation comes in as an essential process for your company. Through marketing automation, it is possible to share the content with interested people, by scheduling a date and the best time.

This also makes communication with your customer even more personalized.

That is, the language used to talk to your audience becomes assertive. And why is this important? Directing the correct language to the public is important to make the communication correct, in addition to allowing a shortening of the sales phase.

The sales cycle takes place through the consumer's purchase journey and with the sending of targeted content, lead nurturing occurs and, as a result, your company can win customers faster.

In addition, marketing automation also allows the optimization of time, as it reduces the incidence of activities that are repetitive, which means that the marketing team can direct its attention to other actions.

This causes some works that are considered to be recurring to be done sporadically, since there is a publication schedule. Based on these benefits, your company needs to start investing in marketing automation.

Let's find out how this can be done within your company. Follow!

Marketing automation in practice within companies


Now that you know the importance of marketing automation for your company, let's learn how it can be done in practice.

First, it is critical that the marketing team develop a thorough understanding of who their company's target audience is. Only then, it is possible to create a strategy within the language of the public and that is easy to understand.

To automate posts, as well as send email marketing for lead nurturing, you can use some marketing tools that automatically send content.

Some of these tools already bring some custom templates for use. There are also sales software that can be used to create landing pages and other contracts.

These tools have templates that can bring good ideas on how to create content for the public.

The use of these tools is important to be able to concentrate the public in a single place, in addition to carrying out an activity that helps in promoting sales.

Therefore, make an assessment to identify which software is best for your company.

Furthermore, it is essential that the company create a content publication flow, as well as monitor the automation process, aiming to correct adjustments and failures in the process.

This can occur by creating a dynamic list, focused on qualifying leads and converting customers. With this, there may even be a change in the nutrition flows, from the customer's advance in the purchase journey.

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