Phishing or the Art of Illusion

ideias // blog // 17 JUN 2022 // Phishing or the Art of Illusion

"Be careful who you trust.
Remember the devil was an angel."
- Dean Winchester

All care is little. Judging by the speed with which "scams" are updating their visual signals to pass for real ones, the panorama is frightening to say the least.

See the example of EDP, which recently changed its logo - There was an email message circulating warning about the interruption of service unless they clicked on the link to consult and regularize.

Because with this image change, there was also an update of the scheme. The new logo now appears in new messages. Although the message has the subject "EDP - Announcement of interruption", a closer observation immediately verifies that the sender is from an address in Brazil (.br) and the link to be clicked is from a outside the edp environment. en. Even so, these could be "masked".

In these cases and in doubt, you can always contact the call center. Check the invoices or the legitimate website for contact details.

Here's the warning and have a nice weekend.


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