How to analyze Social Media metrics to leverage your strategies

The reach that social media provides allows you to drive new visitors to your website, reach leads and customers, and optimize brand actions.   It is important not only to develop good strategies for these channels, but also to use indicators and metrics digital to track the results and optimize the actions taken. Basically, the metrics are for the person responsible Follow the strategy's results in real time, making adjustments if necessary. In practice, this means that when planning an action, you need to follow the strategy.   It is necessary to consider metrics that indicate the success or failure of the campaign - according to the expected objective - to understand its result. If you want to know everything about metrics, their influence on digital marketing and the benefits of effective monitoring, you've come to the right content.

Know the main social media metrics

We bring you the main social media metrics so you can learn more about social media. so you can understand how to use them correctly. It is important to point out that, in many cases, for a more effective result, a metric will depend on of contextualizations and other analyses. After all, together, they diagnose whether the positioning is correct. qualified or not, bringing a clearer view of the results and the positioning of the business on the networks.


The number of Likes, which is is the most popular indicator on Facebook, it has no direct impact on business performance when viewed alone. After all, it can be understood as a vanity metric if not properly contextualized. So, remember that the main challenge is to understand how to use it. understand its impact for a better evaluation and for the result expected by the brand. In this case, the same reason applies to small clicks of the heart. the reactions on Instagram and Twitter, the reactions on LinkedIn and even even the number of times a video is played. seen on YouTube.  an important warning to avoid falling into the trap of buying likes, for example.   It's terrible.


We cannot ignore the fact that the click-through rate is high. This is a metric associated with many digital marketing activities, including social media. Because of this, the process helps measure whether an ad from aluguer de b> forklift, for example, is working. bringing effective results. However, the information is only does not gain relevance if it is linked to other data.  For example, if the conversion rates don't match, you'll need to add more value.   – What's going on and whether the right audience is there? is being hit or which actions may be acting as bottlenecks in the strategy. You can have clickbait content designed to attract clicks, but it should always be relevant to your brand's performance.


Reach represents the number of users affected by a page's posts in a specific time period (you'll also see a page). m can see the reach of each post individually).   There are two main types of reach: organic reach and paid reach.< /span> In practice, organic reach represents the number of users reached by a post without ad spend, regardless of the topic or segment, such as informative material on treatment of water and water. gua. In other words, organic reach represents the users who were reached by the publication If they have received the content or seen a share in their news feed.  Already posted a page. paid reach, as the name implies, measures the number of users reached through boosts. Or even, according to the defined value, how many users saw the material and reacted/accessed the page afterwards. it also measures the effectiveness of your ads according to the amount invested and the objectives pursued with it. To increase your reach results,   You need to create ads with this specific goal, considering the budget and topics of most interest to the audience.


"Engagement" is nothing more. This is more than a metric of the general audience's interaction with a post. In general, the more engagement you get. The more content you have, the more your content converges with your audience's interests. In other words, the more engagement you get. The more you have, the better. This metric takes into account the number of likes, the number of comments and the number of shares.   social media is one of the top social media indicators for branding. However, pay attention to the importance of branding. quality and to the number of interactions in the profile. – intrinsically positive for an accounting office</a >, for example.

Number of Conversions

The conversion rate measures the achievement of your goals.   If you are posting an item that leads to a purchase page, the conversion is disabled. For publications that direct users to a landing page with an e-book, the conversion is easy. a download of this e-book. This metric helps provide insight into which social networks have the highest conversion power and which type of content improves this indicator.

Social Media Traffic

If the click-through rate measures a user's interest in accessing the offer banho-de-prata or As the reception index for a content about portable energy generator, the traffic rate indicates who actually accessed the; page indicated by the CTA.  One of the main tasks of social networks is to create a page. attract users to the company's pages, such as an institutional or e-commerce site. The motivations for this can be several, such as:

  • Generate leads;
  • Introduce new products;
  • Know services details;
  • Receive a free gift.

To achieve such actions, the user must be encouraged to click on the link to go to the page specified in the publication. &ao.  So when you get to the On the page, the metric identifies the channel of origin, in this case the conversion of traffic from the social network to the company's website occurs, be it from condominial management or a store virtual set of fun accessories. This is the perfect tool for you. Bounce rates are one of the social media metrics collected by Google Analytics. Also, consider looking at bounce rates to better understand the relationship. among them, that is, people who arrive at the site but give up browsing even before interacting with the page.

Bounce Rate

As the name implies, bounce rate refers to users who don't like your content or don't like it. users interact with your profile after viewing content/going home. This can be measured by the number of spam reports, who who blocked the page or who unfollowed it. You have blocked the page. You can also use this metric in combination with Google Analytics to look at the percentage of visitors to your website or blog that leave the page quickly. .

Growth by channel

Just as engagement measures the effectiveness of a post, tracking the growth of each channel reveals the results of common actions. À As your following grows, your audience becomes more active on your brand. Keeping this data is important. This is just as important to your branding efforts as it is for tracking follower growth on social media pages.

What are the benefits of analyzing metrics?

Digital marketing offers many benefits to companies, but one of the most important is the ability to the ability to see general reactions in near real time.  From there, the manager can make the necessary adjustments, improving This is the strategy. Let's dwell on the advantages of metrics analysis now, so follow along.

Maximize Results

With the development of social networks, measuring metrics has become a much easier and more necessary activity. Keep in mind that in the era of traditional marketing, all kinds of products or services were advertised using mediums that did not allow for such tracking. For example, a head of administration; the one for residential condos couldn't figure out how many and who saw their ad in the newspaper or which people came to a store On the other hand, companies that invest in actions on the internet can learn more about the profile that access an ad.  This accessibility is mandatory. It is essential to improve the planning of each action and thus maximize results.  

Direct Finance

need to know where to invest when dealing with digital marketing. The possibilities are enormous and the security of spending is essential. This is important to avoid bad investments. If the manager has access to the updated metrics, he is sure which strategy to carry out. This includes knowing how to manage money in one area to use it more effectively in another.

More information about the client

The most important aspect of a quality action is the identify the patient's profile. After all, an audience that searches for radical prostatectomy This is different from those looking for pet accessories. So, based on data such as preferences and "engagement" rates, companies know how You can continue with your strategies and metrics are important in this process. After all, they show people's behavior in the face of corporate campaigns.  With regular and thorough monitoring, your business has more data to identify exactly what people are looking for. That is, the more metrics that are analyzed correctly and in context, the more information the company will have. on the leads and the better the actions created will be.

Measuring effectiveness

Metrics also act as a thermometer for business efficiency.  Marketing strategies are constantly changing as virtual environments are fast-paced and the general public always needs a new boost. < span style="font-weight: 400;">In this context, being able to reliably identify when a strategy has stopped working is important. This is a big differentiator.  Even the most foolproof strategies can lose their effectiveness over time. So condition your approach to metrics and don’t lose your customers.

Where to evaluate metrics?

You can analyze the results of these and other metrics in the “Insights and Analytics” from your social network. Keep in mind that the more customers, the more work it will be to do so. this analysis. Therefore, it deserves increased attention and may require dedicated teams. Specialized software and trained employees are essential to evaluate metrics correctly. Those who want to consolidate themselves on social networks need to value this part. With the information shared here, it's even easier.  So hands on! constructions! Become familiar with the subject, find competent professionals and take new flights with the business from social networks. This text was originally developed by the blog team Business Connection</a >, where you can enter. You can find hundreds of informative contents about different segments.

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