Metaverse: how your brand can use it to reach new audiences

From time to time, something comes along that transforms advertising, the form of consumption and possible interaction channels for people. Just as television and radio were essential in the last century, social networks, portals and, now, the metaverse, present a new paradigm when it comes to digital marketing, social relations and purchase. Amid all these changes , one common factor remains. É the fact that companies that know how to approach users and use the first-mover advantage can benefit and be one step ahead of the curve. ahead of the competition.  The metaverse, in particular, is very important. This is a technological trend that has the potential to once again change the way the entire market, advertisers and consumers, see marketing and deal with advertising actions, for example, which will be on the horizon. increasingly immersive.

A Big Change

The way ads look, the channels they're distributed on, and the way people perceive (and even interact with) them ) today are drastically different from what was seen before. the end of the 20th century.    It is safe to say that they are different from a year ago too, simply because the platforms dedicated to social networks show themselves as a generator of trends, origins, styles and changes in speech with the foot Fortunately, social media channels are also a place where brands can identify the exact audience they need to reach. air, creating more specific and segmented actions, which improves everyone's experience. Thus, the success of ads The ever-changing world can also be measured more easily. With an eye on this new “social life” entering the metaverse, an environment that aims to further integrate the physical and digital environment, creating exclusive experiences. With this, you understand- It is clear that companies will be able to present new products and services in an optimized way, in addition to consumers being able to buy digital and real products, using the currency in that environment and in the real world.

The basic idea behind the metaverse

Consistently, the metaverse can be explained in a simple way, as long as it includes a digital internet experience that is:

  • Immersive;
  • Persistent;
  • Three-dimensional (3D);
  • Virtual.

That is, it is not available. It is entirely tied to the physical world.  With this, metaverse experiences offer the opportunity to see a residential electrical project, play, work, connect or buy in this new environment, making actions even more fun, with the acquisition of goods of consumption that can be real or  no. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that perhaps it is also a mistake to say “the metaverse&rdquo ; It is like a changeless, connected, or even interoperable universe.  Every organization that creates a virtual world can do so with its own access, membership, monetization rights, and formats of creative expression, so specific technical and commercial specifications are met, but also may vary from space to space. Moreover, due to speed in the digital environment and the implementation; that of new technologies, is not it? it's hard to imagine potential changes and new opportunities that will arise as the environment is used. Many companies already have an environment. are shaping the landscape, with organizations focused on segments such as entertainment and gaming leading the way, in addition to already test more interactive forms of advertising in other environments (such as online games), which also has an advantage in adapting to that environment. Top headlines Console and computer game platforms have normalized playing and socializing with people in virtual environments.  Newer gaming platforms allow people to create and play in immersive worlds created, and often monetized, by users.  Decentraland, for example, is it? It's an entire 3D virtual world owned by users, allowing them to create virtual structures, from theme parks to galleries, and then charge users to visit them, all powered by Ethereum blockchain technology.  Other companies, such as MetaVRse and Unity, are building engines to leverage game brands and studios and accelerate the development of content creation. from AR (Augmented Reality) and VR ( Virtual Reality), that is, augmented reality and virtual reality, respectively.

Why is the metaverse important? profitable for marketing?

There are a few reasons why digital marketing, when it moves into the metaverse, can become an (even more) lucrative option for companies. brands and companies, such as clinics that offer cataract surgery price or even large food chains. The   the novelty factor. How is the metaverse itself? It’s a new concept, which is on the way. By designing itself, marketing and advertising in the metaverse can give brands a first-mover advantage by being the first to create even a new product. even simpler actions.  Furthermore, the costs of running campaigns in the metaverse are still very high. smaller than traditional means. The second main reason is the fact that marketing in the metaverse offers brands the opportunity to reach millennial audiences and generation Z, which increasingly become the focus of strategies and campaigns branded, busy  (mainly considering the maturation time of the metaverse). Currently, there are millions of users who play games based on immersion.   enlarged. Thus, brands will be able to reach this large user base, which only   in the near future. The third biggest reason is the fact that it offers innovative ways for brands to plan marketing campaigns. They are not constrained by the regular laws of physics. Because of this, a company can market a spray drying to the industrial sector from new perspectives and experiences. Marketing in the metaverse will change. the way people perceive advertising, even as digital reaches new heights every day. For example, today's largest interactive environments such as Fortnite and Roblox, two games present on computers, video games, and even video games. even mobile devices, offer brands the opportunity to advertise products in a way that was not possible before, inserting custom clothing and scenery, for example.  This adds several possibilities to the metaverse.

The balance of digital marketing in the metaverse

For the company that decides to trade in the real world and the metaverse, the key to success lies in in maintaining brand image and quality of experiences, regardless of the environment. Thus, the focus should be on curating content that displays the For example, clothing and footwear brands can use the metaverse to help people update their avatars in the virtual world.  Likewise, it is It is important that marketers understand how they can portray the brand and create a virtual community around particular subjects, such as gallbladder surgery or any other type of medical intervention, or related specialties - without breaking industry norms. Organizing events in the metaverse can be a great way to connect with the right audience, especially for brands that relate to certain lifestyles.  That's why every company should consider hosting online events in the metaverse, using both virtual reality and augmented reality, and see how   position yourself in the best way in front of your audience - as well as understand how they behave.

How can brands market in the metaverse?

As shown earlier, the metaverse offers brands different ways, many of them innovative, to implement marketing campaigns. 

That's why it is It's important to identify the different ways brands can market in the metaverse.

1.Link digital marketing to real-life events

Brands can create marketing experiences that relate to real-world experiences on digital.

2.Virtual advertising

Brands can also take advantage of virtual advertising in the metaverse, such as using virtual billboards to showcase the machining center de a manufacturing plant under construction after negotiations with the platform or the environment in which it will be used. is hosted. Another example, a video game ad technology company can help corporations insert ads into a video game . The same can be used in the metaverse by creating immersive and experiential ads. Brands can create virtual installations in the metaverse, with users viewing the metaverse. rivers can interact.  These dynamic installations offer much more dynamism and a “sensory” and positive compared to simple ads.

3. Offer collectibles

People love to collect. Thus, the same can be applied in the metaverse.  Brands can offer limited edition items, assets or digital tokens, so that the users can show off to other users in the metaverse or as badges to highlight achievements in the environment. In that sense, a one-brand shoe famous, or a blouse with an exclusive print for the metaverse, based on creative ideas from product developers, can be offered as personalized gifts within the virtual world and, if the customer likes it, they can buy it in a physical store as well ;m, according to the action idealized by the brand.

4. Virtual influencer campaigns

Similar to; As brands currently associate and engage with existing communities, they can do so in the metaverse as well.  The existing principles of influencer marketing will also be applied in the metaverse, in a personalized way.  With this, brands can gain traction by engaging with people who influence and have followers on the platform. For example, brands that are partnering with gaming platforms can advertise the products and services using security keys for users, between one competition and another, creating exclusive items and experiences and approaching these niches in a positive and impactful way. However, keep in mind that user-generated content is used. This is important and therefore influencer marketing will help. and sharing materials from the clients themselves in this environment can also be used. be an opportunity, with the necessary adjustments.

5. Keep experimenting

Despite all the novelty and theories surrounding this phygital environment span>, metaverse marketing is still popular. This is a concept in the making. While marketers can use existing guiding principles and marketing tactics, the metaverse offers There is enormous room for experimentation, creativity and improvement. While it is always a good approach to follow tried and tested methods for selling a Pre-mold barbecue grill. framed, it is also framed. It is recommended to continually experiment and adapt actions as the use of the platform presents itself in the relationship with potential customers.  After all, this is ; a new communication channel, which will bring new postures and that will demand an understanding of how to perform in the environment and audience preferences - just as with the quick videos on Tik Tok. With so many new avenues, marketers and companies alike will need to rediscover what might work for a given brand or product. 


The metaverse offers a bright future for brands, marketers and advertisers looking for new ways to market. Even more, it offers plenty of room for innovation and experimentation. Despite the challenges, marketing in the metaverse is a challenge. This is an excellent opportunity to deliver immersive experiences like never before.  As such, companies must be ready for what's coming next. to come.  As you begin to think about the best way to engage with the metaverse, it's worth remembering to be creative and experiment, not forgetting the guidelines that govern specific sectors, such as legal and healthcare sectors. This text was originally developed by the blog team Business Connection, where you You can find hundreds of informative contents about different segments.

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