8 tips on how to use images to your advantage on your website

The construction of a visual identity is an important process for companies, making it possible to communicate the values, mission and purpose of the brand to the public.

In addition, the use of visual articles contributes to the attraction of the audience. In this way, it is very common to use images and other elements that make the promotional pieces more attractive. Everyone has a set of characteristics, from the name itself to aspects of appearance and personality, and this is no different with brands, which need to be remembered and recognized.

In addition, the right image on the most appropriate channel can attract many people to the pages and social networks, in addition to making the content produced lighter, making users stay longer time on site. That said, how can a brand be recognized and how can it effectively use the visual aspects in favor of the business? It is at this point that a well-defined visual identity becomes even more fundamental, creating a standard for the brand.   In this way it helps with strategies and should be seen as a priority to establish effective business communication.   With well-crafted strategies, the enchantment and conversion process becomes simpler.

What is branding?

The branding is a way to manage a company's branding strategies.   Management includes planning for the short, medium and long term, in addition to creating and managing elements of the visual identity to enhance the company's perception by the public.   The branding aims at the full development of a business and establishes that the brand needs to be well planned, structured, managed and promoted based on actions aimed at its image.   These processes encompass brand management and, when well executed, provide great results at work.

What is visual identity?

The visual identity consists of the construction of various graphic and visual elements responsible for creating an image of who the company is, what its values are and how it sees the world and society .   For a brand to be positively recognized and to be more successful in its niche, it is necessary to define its qualities, aiming to make it interesting and unique.   In this way, the brand will be more recognized at times of purchase and in decision-making as a whole.   It should be noted that the aspects that form the visual identity go far beyond a simple business card to attract potential customers.   It is therefore important to think of the identity as the company's personality synthesized and used in all actions, campaigns, communications and interactions, having the most appropriate way of exposing it to the world.   In this way, the more understandable and elaborate the strategy, the more space the brand gains in consumers' lives.   There are companies that manage to work their visual identity so well that the public can recognize it just by the colors in an advertisement. An image on networks and on the website should also fulfill this role, reflecting the personality and standard of the amrca.   Some of the main elements that can be used for the development of the visual identity are:  

  • Typography;
  • Logo;
  • Color Palette;
  • Graphics;
  • Disclosure materials (billboards, flyers, posters).

  Recently, social media elements like the cover, avatar, and post images are items that companies de equipment for laboratories and other segments should be concerned about to achieve good results and reinforce that identity.

The importance of content marketing

Content marketing is an attraction strategy widely used to win customers through the production of relevant content that can be developed in text format, e-books, podcasts, videos, infographics, among others.   Content marketing does not directly promote the brand, but attracts the public by proposing good solutions to their problems.   This is considered one of the best ways to position your website or blog well in Google's organic searches and even to reach new leads on the networks.   A office accounting, for example, regardless of its size, you can invest in the production of content in order to gain a good reputation, credibility, in addition to generating </ span>leads more qualified (potential customers), something that results in sales.   In this case, the space must define the format of the material that is most suitable for its audience and in which channel it will be published, such as a blogpost on its own website.   Thus, illustrations can be used to contextualize material on tips on how to manage the finances of a small enterprise, establishing the brand as a reference and using the identity and photos to make the more attractive action.   Remember that good content helps to enhance your blog or website, attracting customers and creating a relationship of trust with them.

Reasons to invest in content marketing

Investments in content production for blogs and websites is something advantageous for industrial maintenance and many other areas, which can obtain the following gains:</ span>  

  • Helps you get qualified links;
  • Improves positioning in organic searches;
  • Allows you to build brand authority;
  • Educate the audience about the industry;
  • Generate leads</i > qualified;
  • Establishes a good relationship with leads</ span>;
  • Assists the sales team.

  These are some of the reasons that can convince companies to invest in strategic content marketing and, with that, achieve great business results.

How to use quality images on your blog or website?

The visual identity is the business card that helps you present your brand on the internet and, as we have seen, several actions and materials impact this process.   Considering this fact, it is important that the company is a tethering straps or a general practitioner who is setting up a private practice , select good images to compose the contents and identity.   Daily, many multimedia contents are inserted on the internet. In order to attract people's attention, it is necessary to insert visual elements that help to quickly captivate and facilitate the absorption of advertising pieces and organic materials.   Content that uses images is more likely to be viewed and shared than text-only content. After all, in addition to searching for keywords, the user can find your material from Google images, for example.   On social networks, posts with photos and illustrations also impact users more and generate more likes than other posts.   Therefore, an important point that entrepreneurs need to pay attention to is that it is not enough to choose any image, there must be alignment with the brand, reinforcing its identity and values.   That said, it is essential to go beyond to get great materials and results when creating content to publicize the provision of services environmental licensing or a sustainable clothing store.   Some tips that may help with the issue of using images are:

1. Choose consistent images

As basic as it may seem, this tip is very important to avoid making mistakes. When choosing images, it is interesting to ask if the image makes sense for the business and content developed, contributing significantly to the content that will be published.   Betting on more risky images, considered abstract, can be a good option, but as long as it makes sense with the content and the business proposal.

2. Think of the persona

A persona (ideal customer representation) should be considered in every created campaign. After all, the objective is to attract and relate in the best way with this public.   So, first, to have a good relationship with this profile it is necessary to represent it visually. After the process, content creation and identity definition will be easier.   To exploit this link well, the company can use information such as:  

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Profession;
  • Gender;
  • Ethnicity.

  This and other information can help a lot when defining the images that will be used in the contents.

3. Use the ideal format

Before placing the images in the publication, it is important to think in which medium it will be published.   Each social network, blog or website requires a specific image size to adapt to the page's contents with quality.

4. Make investments in quality

Investing in quality is never a waste of time, on the contrary, it is a way to stand out.   That way you need to think about the contents in an integral way. After all, quality text with low-quality images can be uncomfortable for people who access the content.   This detail can convey a lack of concern and even discourage access or credibility, since the look of the site is responsible for brand recognition and the impression that the customer has of the potential service that will be provided.   It is therefore important to retain people on the page, including quality and attractive texts and photographs, improving the image of your business EPS Styrofoam, for example.   Therefore, investing in high-quality images is essential to convey a sense of credibility, something that can yield great gains.

5. Be careful with overacting

The term in English means exaggerated acting. It is very common to see content on the internet with excessive banners and posts with models in excessive performances.   The question is: does this choice convey an image of naturalness or superficiality?   Images that have people or models in situations similar to your everyday lifepersona span>, for example, can help in the credibility of the content of structured cabling and other segments, in addition to inserting the product in a context of use, facilitating insertion in the customer's imagination.

6. Avoid being repetitive

The use of the same image several times on the website or blog can create the feeling that the post is repeated, damaging the content and page. After all, it will reduce views.   Therefore, when choosing images, it is important to be careful not to select repeated images that are uninteresting to users.

7. Be careful with image editing

Adjustments in some points of the images can be something positive, but it is essential not to overdo it so as not to leave the image superficial.   Sparing on filters and modifying only what needs a little highlight, brightness, or contrast is one way to avoid overdoing it and get your message across more clearly.

8. Add value

On social networks, professionals can post valuable content for readers and for the brand.   To achieve this, you can use an attractive cover that reflects your business image or published content.   To do this, choose a profile picture that the public can easily identify.   Another tip that can help is interaction. Responding to user comments, for example, shows how much the brand cares about dialogue and this can help in the relationship with consumers.

Final guidelines

Putting tips into practice on how to use images in content are ways companies can air conditioning installation and from other areas to attract qualified audiences and be recognized on whatever channels these materials are shared.   As a result, they will be able to achieve excellent results, increasing profits, customers and market opportunities.   This text was originally developed by the blog team Business Connection, where you can find hundreds of informative contents about different segments .

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