Top digital marketing strategies that bring quick results!

Digital presence today is essential. This is a prerequisite, but defining the most efficient digital marketing strategy is also a prerequisite. essential.   

Being on the Internet does not automatically mean success in that environment.    That's because a successful digital presence must be strategic and requires planning and metrics.  

The scenario can get complicated when you imagine the different possibilities between digital marketing and inbound marketing.  

Don't despair though. After all, there are successful ways and techniques to generate quick results with little investment.  

We prepared a good overview of the area, containing application examples, metrics and benefits of digital marketing. Check it out below.

What does it mean? What are marketing metrics?

Marketing metrics can be defined as the first step for Construction companies in SP, clinics, offices and many other enterprises can develop plans , actions and strategies. Basically, it is quantifiable data that shows how a brand is performing in various contexts. ;multiple fronts of work. You can use this data to confidently analyze each phase of your project and make important decisions. It also allows you to monitor and compare your work in a practical and direct way. Discover sample metrics below.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Know how much it will cost you to buy a   each new customer? What it does for your business is Essential to maintaining financial position. When calculating CAC, all costs to attract and convert a customer should be considered. To do this, consider marketing and sales expenses and add the amounts together. Then take the result and divide it by the number of new customers in a given period of time.

Average ticket

This metric is required. is used to calculate the average amount of money each customer spends on location of printers, for example .</span > In this case, it is necessary to take into account the average monthly ticket.  

You can implement strategies such as cross-sell and up-sell. To calculate the value, Divide the monthly sales by the number of customers acquired in that period. odo Use this calculation to learn more about billing and understand customer behavior.

Conversion rate

The conversion is simple. the first step in the process of completing sales. Tracking this metric will give you more insight. an idea of the performance of your content, because it is important. This is the gateway to new leads in your inbound marketing strategy. To find out the conversion rate of a store galvanized tubes , such as the number of entries in the company newsletter, for example, is You need to divide the number of conversions by your audience. Then multiply this number by 100. 

A small number indicates that you have the correct number. It is necessary to review some actions or the entire strategy. However, in order to have a more satisfactory and appropriate rate, the ideal is to establish a minimum target/index. Expected encouragement to obtain a good return.

Life Time Value (LTV)

Represents the lifetime value of a customer.   the revenue a person brings into a store while it is in business. working. an active customer.  To calculate it, it is necessary to take into account the average ticket and the duration of the contract.  To give you an idea, a company that sells a management system with a monthly cost of 39 € per month for 6 months the LTV is 234 €.  This information allows the store to compare whether the amount invested in the acquisition of customers corresponds to the ; the company's revenue over time. Another opportunity offered by this indicator is the ability to identify the need to develop other products and services that can increase LTV.

The benefits of digital marketing

A marketing plan brings many benefits to companies in the most varied sectors. Find out about this by reading the topics below.

Increases visibility

If your clients search on Computer Consulting for more information about your company and can't find it . If you use it, it probably won't wear off. Contact you.  Most of the visits to the company website come from visitors. search engine results such as Google, the largest search engine in the world.  A good investment in digital marketing can help you position your business in the first results and so on. reduce your customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Improve the relationship

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to create your own business. So your business can build closer relationships with your audience.   You can use multiple channels to interact with your customers. This allows you to brainstorm with consumers to better understand their needs and, for example, improve envelope personalized depending on the negative points the audience makes.  This approach builds trust of the client   This is the basis of a good relationship.

Customize offers

In addition to segmenting your email audience and contacts, it's important to personalize your communication. It's a way to achieve goals. All potential customers have different profiles and experience different living conditions. Therefore, digital marketing allows you to produce your own content for each type of client that industrial mountaineering company I want. To do this, get information about each user, such as:

  • Age range;
  • Income;
  • Profession;
  • Home.

Demographics like those listed above are essential for highly personalized and impactful targeting.

Build brand authority

Websites and social media are likely to become brand names through company blogs. Combines content quality shows that the brand resolves doubts, clarifies important concepts and dominates the branch in which it works, either from clavado or as accounting consultancy.

This way, it will be easy to use. Is it useful not only? not only for the clients who trust the company the most, but also for opinion makers, the media and even the public. competitors that mention it in their content.

How to apply digital marketing?

Finally, we come to the; The most practical part of the text: tips and examples of digital marketing application. It is important to know the strategies, since they facilitate visualization. Brand awareness and customer acquisition. So? Let's go!

Inbound Marketing

Input required. This is a marketing strategy that encourages users to voluntarily search for a company after becoming interested in what it shares on the web. to your business, you Can Should It will define your persona.  Once the profile is ready, it will define your persona. When you're done, start creating content targeted to that audience, from initial contact to completion. The completion of the purchase, using different materials.  You will be able to complete the purchase process. You need to focus on creating something that is truly personalized and adds value. Just   Attract people to your business and keep them interested in what you do. offers.


If you are using the interested   Do you have a website. But if the business is different, you can do it. You should prioritize developing a professional page for the niche you are in. trying to build a relevant online presence.   In addition to conveying confidence, it's important to be confident. the official website that will host the application. paid ad campaigns and blog. In addition, the website shares the brand identity, personality, communication channels and presents the products of the company and services.  In short, collect as much information as possible about the company in question in one place.


After researching a product online, such as   trade balance or a specific shoe, you can choose one.   Did you come across banner ads about the item, with offers and different models, or even recommendations like ”you? ” It will also appear on other pages and social networks that you visited after your search or purchase. This action is optional. This is especially important as an e-commerce digital marketing strategy and aims to reach potential customers with whom you have interacted before. or even reactivate old clients. To do this, continuously Show your product to users who visit your site or search for it.  By using this strategy, it is possible to create a more efficient product. It is important to define the retargeting audiences well for each campaign developed and determine the remarketing criteria in long-term actions. This strategy   There is a type of paid advertising that you can use. you can put it on Google and social networks.

Landing page

  a page created for a specific marketing promotion. Think about the page that is your page. You click a link to download an ebook, sign a newsletter or petition. An age landing page can be described as a lead capture tool designed to attract and generate leads that will be activated by your business in the future. The purpose of this very specific: capture leads, so it should be simple and objective. They consist of a title, exclusive offer, a form for the user to provide information and a CTA.; Using this digital marketing strategy is an ideal way to connect with potential customers It's time to start communicating more directly with these contacts.


Video content is provided. It is one of the biggest trends on the internet, which is why companies are increasingly using this format in their digital marketing strategies.  This happens because video is a dynamic material, easy to consume and share. In addition, it makes online communication more interactive. n and allows the use of There are resources to bring the interlocutors closer to the user in different channels. Your company can obtain great profits by creating a YouTube channel, or even increasing your reach from multiple channels.  

You must learn how to create videos that engage users and solve problems and needs. In If you are interested in e-commerce, you must learn how to create videos that engage users and solve problems and needs. You can use the video as a tutorial on how to use the product, for example. These are the best digital marketing strategies to get results fast and with longevity. This text was originally developed by the blog team Business Connection, where you can; You can find hundreds of informative content on different segments. Bonus Tip: How much does the brand cost?

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