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What it is and how to build your funnel correctly.

The marketing funnel is currently one of the main marketing tools on the Web. Let's briefly describe what it is and its advantages: Capturing the attraction of “unknowns” to the retention of end customers through several interconnected steps that will lead us to the creation of a segmentation of our “buyers”.</span >

What is the marketing funnel?

The Marketing funnel is a strategy based on inbound marketing, in which the customer is looking for the company and not the other way around. This way we will already have a certain part of the target audience found. But for that, we will have to have the right and functional tools for the client to reach us and be “retained”, because he found the desired information. In this way, when finding the desired one, the customer will be able to leave his “contact” in which he will later be “fed” with contents that he wants to receive. To “feed” the correct content, we must resort to marketing automation tools so that all content delivery has a logic and we can filter the needs and desires of users.

How to build the marketing funnel?

  • Define the product
  • Define the character
  • Create content
  • Automate emails and messages
  • Create a simple and direct landing page for the final action (purchase)
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