Professional internships: what is their importance?

The vast majority of internships come from technical and higher education courses, which require internships to complete their training. Most higher education courses require an internship with a minimum of hours, in this way, the internship prepares and teaches in practice all the theory studied. É It’s in this sense that the internship’ is so important for preparing for the job market.

Currently there are several internships programs, extracurricular, curricular and professional programs. The curricular internships are organized by the educational institutions, they are recurrent at the end of the year to put all the theory taught into practice.

The extracurricular internships are on their own initiative, not being evaluated, and finally the professional internships, are paid internships that are funded by the state. Carrying out an internship is essential. an excellent way to test the job market and improve professional skills. Despite being for a few months, many of the interns consider it an enriching opportunity.

How important is the internship from the student's point of view:

  • Make contacts in the area at a professional level
  • Improve posture and social behavior
  • Improve writing
  • Integrate yourself in the job market
  • Deep knowledge
  • Stimulate creativity

More than putting in the necessary hours, the internship is a way of life. one of the first opportunities a student has with the world of work. The internship directs many students to understand whether or not they want to follow the chosen area.

From the perspective of the entities that welcome interns, this experience can be challenging, as interns require some attention and time. However, if well trained and motivated, an intern can make a great contribution to the company or institution in several aspects such as:

  • Improved results
  • Sharing new ideas
  • Suggestion of new methods and work processes
  • Helping with tasks performed
  • Understand the intern’s view of the company

Article by: Catarina Canário

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