Artificial Intelligence: definition, and application in everyday life

Shopping, online advertising, and digital assistants are some examples of the everyday use of artificial intelligence.  Is considered essential for the digital transformation of society and has become a priority for the EU, find out why? and what are its advantages...

We can say that artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability that machines have to reproduce skills similar to humans as it is; This is the case for reasoning, learning, planning and creativity.

Currently, there are countless uses of artificial intelligence, large companies make use of AI to streamline processes, and technologies are available that reduce the time of information analysis. These are processes, as well as make it possible to extract data and carry out automatic searches, all customized according to the client’s focus.

Artificial intelligence allows for more agility, more productivity, less risks for companies that decide to adopt it.

Being present in our daily lives, artificial intelligence presents applications that you may not even have noticed that are powered by artificial intelligence:  

Online Shopping & It is widely used to provide people with personalized suggestions, based on, for example, their past searches or other online behavior.  

Web Search Search engines learn from the vast amount of data input, provided by their users, to provide relevant search results.  

Personal digital assistants Smartphones use AI to deliver as relevant and personalized a product as possible. Virtual assistants who answer questions, provide recommendations, and help in a variety of ways.  

Smart Homes, Cities and Infrastructure Smart thermostats or cleaning robots learn from our behavior to save energy, while smart cities aim to control traffic to improve connectivity and reduce traffic.  

Artificial intelligence against COVID-19 In the case of COVID-19, AI has been used in the thermal control system in airports and other places.   has been used to provide data to track the spread of the virus. After enumerating some of the advantages of artificial intelligence for our daily lives and society, it will be It is necessary to understand the snags of AI. High cost of implementation and maintenance, replacement of jobs, difficulty in innovating, and high dependence on infrastructure are some of the disadvantages pointed out by specialists regarding the use of infrastructure. AI.  

Thanks to advances in AI, there are many different areas in which artificial intelligence fits, one of them is the field of intelligence. the marketing. Some of the main applications of AI in the field of digital marketing are:  

  • Content creation: using certain tools, unique and relevant content can be created, this being possible from of basic information and certain data provided by the AI.
  • Personalization of content: the evolution of the use of social media has generated the need to create more information , which influences the need for Big Data and AI systems, which have infinite data processing capacity. With Artificial Intelligence, personalized content can be offered to each user automatically.
  • Programmatic advertising: A web advertising spaces use AI to automate the purchase of advertising spaces, improving the process, that is, it reaches more specific segments of the population and reduces the acquisition cost.
  • Chatbots: AI has enabled the development of chatbots that offer effective 24-hour communication to customers. Allowing you to manage a large number of requests simultaneously, with a high level of service quality and improving experience. customer experience.
  • Email Marketing : There are several tools that use artificial language processing to improve email marketing results.
  • Recommendations: AI makes it possible to give purchase recommendations to users, based on data such as search history or purchase history. shopping.

Article by: Catarina Canário

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