Tips for a memorable Valentine's Day

ideias // blog // 10 FEB 2022 // Tips for a memorable Valentine's Day
With Valentine's Day approaching, our team has prepared a list of suggestions to make this day unforgettable. From low cost suggestions to romantic getaways, your problems are over: we have 6 gift suggestions for all tastes.

We have put together a list of ideas to offer your partner, which is not always the case. It's easy to choose the perfect gift, there are countless offers to choose from. In this way, consult the following gift suggestions:  

#1 Bouquet/Romantic Kit A romantic bouquet or kit is ideal. It is an infallible gift to be wrong, not every occasion we receive flowers, so this gift becomes unique. Surely this gift is for you! It is a great suggestion for the female universe. Elyflowers is distinguished by its quality and price, it makes home deliveries, which is why we consider it an excellent solution to offer your romantic bouquet or kit.

#2 Romantic Dinner This suggestion is recommended. for both universes, you can take your girlfriend or your boyfriend out to dinner. A delicious romantic dinner is offered. Great, one of our suggestions is: o AvenidaRestaurante. Book a dinner at this renowned restaurant and you won't regret it, it has a menu prepared for you. dedicated to the most romantic day of the year. For lovers of Italian food, we suggest Pizza na Pedra a restaurant well located, in front of; Ria Formosa, with a privileged view, is the perfect place to visit. is an excellent option.

#3 Romantic Getaway Prepare a romantic getaway for a few days, find out what to do. days are the most suitable and book in a special place. We propose Sonel Hotels that owns several properties located in historic sites in the Algarve, such as Lagos.

#4 Mini-vacation The fourth suggestion is a mini-vacation in Alentejo, in the city of Moura. Regattas, extreme sports and various walks are all the activities you can do at Hotel de Moura. These vacations will remain in everyone's memory.

#5 Romantic Experiences A Quinta do Freixo and Quinta do Mel have several experiences to do as a couple, including product tasting, tractor rides, kayak rental, among other. É It's great to spend a different day and remember the good times we had together in the future.

#6 Intimate gift Finally, we recommend a more intimate and economical gift. You can offer a kind of basket that includes a flower, a balloon and some snacks, to enjoy in a special place like the beach or the garden. As a suggestion, you can: buy the flower at Elyflowers, and the balloon at Ballooninabox, and snacks at the nearest supermarket.

Article by: Catarina Canário

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