Discover 3 ways to attract customers' attention

The market is increasingly more competitive, it is essential to attract, sell and retain consumers. There are several strategies that you can develop to attract customers, so we have selected three that we will discuss throughout the next article. Start by implementing it in your business and you will see results:

  1. Invest in online presenceInvest in online presence. Nowadays, the vast majority of Portuguese people have a smartphone, and count on several social networks. Therefore, most consumers are online, and if your company or brand is as well, it gains greater accessibility to consumers. Another great advantage is the proportions it can have, a satisfied customer becomes a promoter of your brand, which leads to more people visiting your social networks. These must always be up to date.

In addition to being present in these media, it is important that you frequently “feed” the page and encourage interaction, clearing up doubts, relating to the user. In this way, you will develop empathy on the part of the audience. Published content must be interesting and relevant to your audience, that is, you must know their tastes, interests and motivations. Finally, it should also have a blog, which generates authority and credibility for the brand. Create content that is able to add value to the user, such as tutorials, guides, curiosities, interviews, among others.

  1. Publicar diversified contentPublicar diversified content, to attract and draw your customer's attention . There are countless contents that you can consider using in your networks and in your blog, from images, videos, contests, giveaways, tutorials.

Not all of them will make sense for your brand because it depends a lot on the type of audience, the best way would be to test which content has the most adherence and from there publish your audience's favorites more frequently. It is crucial to publish quality images, structured content and pleasant visual information, as this captures the interest of consumers.

  1. Atendimento ao ClienteCustomer Service and offering a pleasant experience is the key to the success. It is important to make a good impact on future customers, for example, many brands are present on social networks< /a>, and users use this channel to ask questions and clarify doubts, and the vast majority of brands do not respond or respond without empathy. This automatically causes a bad perception of the brand and influences the purchase decision.

It will be essential to discover the things that customers value most in a company's service, find tools that help improve the customer experience and measure their level of satisfaction. Communicate correctly with your customer, and surprise him, as satisfied customers indicate and promote the brand, generating more attraction for new customers. Article by: Catarina Canário


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