How can companies help the environment using technology?

If helping the environment is so important to consumers, it must be to your business too. In 2020, Portuguese companies began to invest in digital in order to guarantee their survival throughout the year. The digital transformation¹ allowed them to become more environmentally friendly. But there are many other ways to make your company sustainable – and, consequently, desirable in the eyes of the consumer. Saving on resources and working with companies that have the same philosophy are the key points.  

Why is it important to have an environmentally friendly company?

Sustainable and environmentally friendly companies are part of ecological activities and are concerned with keeping processes faithful to their environmental concerns. More and more Portuguese companies are taking these precautions, mainly because it is beneficial for the environment and also for the company itself. This is because consumers are more attentive and have a preference for sustainable companies. For these reasons, and for your company to gain more strength in the market, investing in sustainability is very important. Companies such as Jerónimo Martins, the EDP Group, Galp and Lidl Portugal have already started moving in this direction. To help you do the same, here are some tips.  

3 tips to guide your company towards sustainability

1. Reduce energy consumption

Reducing electricity consumption is very important in any company, but especially in large companies. In addition to helping the environment, you will save hundreds of euros at the end of the month. To save on your electricity bill, you can implement the following behaviors.

  • Turn off the lights whenever possible and, if the company allows you to have natural light, use it if it is suitable for all employees;
  • Use light bulbs that are more economical than what you currently have. LED lamps are one of the most economical on the market;
  • Do not leave devices on standby as they will continue to consume energy unnecessarily. Although consumption is lower, it continues to happen;
  • Choose the best rate for your company;

There are many other tips available! See more information on how to save on your electricity bill².

2. Reduce paper usage

Company documents, customer communication, reports, and much more. There are so many documents used by companies and, many times, on paper, generating enormous waste in the long run. Whenever possible, opt for digital. In fact, many companies have already started to invest in digital and have put physical documents aside. An example is the store brochures that can now be consulted online. Stores like Ikea, Worten, Fnac and supermarkets already have their leaflets available digitally, which can be consulted by anyone, from anywhere. These flyers are full of weekly or monthly deals, depending on the store. Incidentally, if you are working from home, we have some good news for you. The Ikea Online Catalog³ is now available and has excellent promotions so you can set up your office at home . In this catalogue, a swivel chair costs €249 and a desk in good working conditions costs €199. With this small change, several companies are already reducing – and a lot – paper consumption.

3. Work with green companies and sustainable equipment

Finally, remember to work with companies and equipment that support the new company philosophy. When choosing a company, make a prior analysis and find out if it has the same care in terms of sustainability. There is no point in being a sustainable company if you are supporting companies that do not follow the same practices. Do your research and make an informed decision. In terms of equipment, always choose the most sustainable ones. If necessary, change current appliances one by one for more suitable options. Also, use them conscientiously, which means that, for example, you should unplug computers from outlets after hours.   Transforming your company into a “green business” is, more and more, a necessity for its survival. Put these tips into practice and feel the results.   Bibliography:

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