General analysis of the company “Ideias Frescas” – By: Mariana Neves

The company Ideias Frescas works with a little bit of everything, from interacting with the media, working on applications and even creating the brand you want, everything for your business to attract the attention of the entire target audience...

It is, so to speak, an opening to other virtual paths, being very hardworking, very communicative and innovative people prepared to always make a difference, since it is not a simple multimedia and communication company that works by itself, worrying only about the that they do at work, but rather a company that works as a group and the combination of all the positions that each one specializes in will originate the final product.

It undoubtedly exceeds all expectations, also having eight training areas: Architecture, Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, 3D Creator, Video and Multimedia. The objective of this company is really to contribute to the development of living conditions and the circulation of information, since everything that captures the population's attention always turns out to be something that is more complex, creative and innovative, and ready to maximize the communication of the population, and Ideias Frescas has it all.


Author: Mariana Neves

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