Stand out: implement these 5 technologies in your business

The world is becoming more digital and, with the increase in the number of companies, it is increasingly difficult to stand out. But we have good news! Many companies are being left behind by not adhering to new technologies. By implementing the technologies listed below in your business, you will achieve the highlight you are looking for for your company. Read on and take notes on the possibilities for improvement in your company.  

1. Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is an extension of the Internet that makes it possible to connect it to everyday objects. This link allows decision-making without human interaction. Sensors for irrigation, automatic thermostats and even some coffee machines are examples of the power of IoT. With this connection, companies benefit; it becomes possible to reduce the company's costs, improve productivity, obtain essential information that helps to make decisions, and much more. Our advice is to analyze all processes within the company and find out if any could be improved with the support of IoT. Or, who knows, your products could stand out in the market with the implementation of this technology. IoT encompasses several technologies and can even be present in < u>little things.

2. Augmented reality

The union between the physical environment and the online environment is what augmented reality promises. This technology allows consumers to make a purchase decision without the products being physically available. Augmented reality makes it possible, for example, to try out a sofa in your living room and choose the color that best matches it before making a purchase. Some Portuguese stores have even started to invest in this technology. In addition to improving the consumer experience, it also reduces product returns. Win-win for the company and consumers.

3. 3D Printing

The 3D printer has revolutionized business and there are several areas where it is possible to implement the use of this technology. Even this printer is used in fields such as medicine. One of the main advantages of this technology is the reduction of production costs. This happens because the entire production process is eliminated and replaced by the printer. However, despite the decrease in costs, the quality is incredible! Stores with physical products can benefit immensely from this technology and take their business to a new level!

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is directly related to cryptocurrencies. Some online stores and companies are implementing cryptocurrencies as one of the means of payment. In a world where virtual currencies are starting to gain ground, having this form of payment is a differentiator. In addition to the differential, the products are also cheaper – due to a decrease in fees –, confirmation is practically instantaneous and any trade barriers disappear – as the currency is the same anywhere in the world. The company Spletnik has a platform that is a reference in the cryptocurrency sector and offers the lowest possible price on the market. On the website you can find a calculator for the chosen virtual currency and access the quotation of cryptocurrencies . A Portuguese company with this possibility of payment is, without a doubt, a huge differential.

5. Drones

Finally, there are drones. Although drones are not new, their application in business can be a differentiator. Amazon, for example, decided to innovate and deliver purchases with the help of drones. The company's objective is to deliver any product within 30 minutes, something that might be possible using this aerial medium. Incidentally, the great advantage of drones is actually avoiding the terrestrial environment so that all processes can be done more quickly. In the case of travel companies, for example, aerial videos are the big differentiator – and consumers, more and more, seem to appreciate the content. The drone, in short, will help you innovate and take your business to a new level. Therefore, if possible, implement the use of drones in your business and get ahead of the competition.   Don't overlook this competitive advantage. Stay ahead of many Portuguese companies with just these 5 points.

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