What to look for when creating a marketing strategy


Learn how to build a marketing strategy that brings effective results using the right resources. When thinking about marketing strategy, this is immediately associated with planning so that the action has the expected result. That way, you shouldn't do things randomly. The objective must be thought through, but looking at the work with flexibility, since there needs to be a strategy. The big question is what to look for before and during the execution of the strategy to ensure that all the work being carried out reaches the right audience with the planned impact. Know what cannot be left out of a well-done marketing strategy. A visual identity The look is what will make the customer remember your marketing action and therefore needs to be well thought out. In addition to using the company logo, it is possible to have another one that is specific to the campaign or event, and this should be pleasant and attract attention. Consider 15 logos that will make you smile. If they are interesting to those who are developing the strategy, they will probably also appeal to those who want to buy. Clear and defined objective So that you don't get lost during the construction and development of the marketing strategy, you need to be very clear about the objective you want to achieve. This must be one of the first things to be thought about, as the rest that is developed must always aim to reach the same place. If the objective is to present a new product at an event, for example, this must be done at all stages, not letting another strategy end up standing out more. Professionals who add If you are still going to assemble your marketing team, it is worth thinking very carefully about who will be the professionals who will be part of it. They must have some experience, but above all, like to innovate and commit to the project. Look for these people inside or outside the company. If this is the case, count on a specialized company to help you in this step. The interest of the target audience One thing to be very clear about is that the campaign or event is not for the company, but for consumers or potential customers. Know what they expect to receive from the company, know their expectations, desires and opportunities to create more effective actions. Conduct a market survey with the target audience, Know what competitors have to offer and try to stand out. Search for available resources What can be used in the marketing strategy? What is available in the market that can add value? How much money can be spent on each action? What are the best channels to promote? These questions must be answered even before starting to think about the strategies because they will define what can be done and if there is any restriction in relation to what had been thought of. The available resources can help a lot in brainstorming, since ideas can start to emerge from this. Look for partners Making partnerships can be very interesting, but for that you need to look for companies that have the same interests and goals, never those that have conflicting ideas. The partnerships turn out to be advantageous for both sides because the customers of the two companies learn about the marketing strategy, allowing them to increase the base that has access to it. This joint work can be carried out in different stages, such as marketing, customer acquisition or sales. Dissatisfied customers As the saying goes, every action has a reaction, and that remains true. It is clear that the marketing strategy is being designed to attract customers and please them, however, some may be bothered by something and that would create a problem. Try to deal with dissatisfied customers, don't let them divulge what they didn't like and intervene as soon as possible to reverse the situation. Look for them and understand your problem so that it doesn't happen again. This can be done with personalized service, a channel in which it is possible to express oneself and obtain feedback, and others. By trying to pay attention to this point and creating a marketing strategy, the possibilities of being successful and obtaining the best results increase. Therefore, look for partners and put everything into practice.

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