Technology is an ally in quarantine

ideias // blog // 24 APR 2020 // Technology is an ally in quarantine

A month of quarantine has passed. We believe that technology has been an excellent company for you during this isolation, but tell us, have you been making good use of it? Has it gone beyond entertainment consumption? Technology is an excellent ally in this quarantine and, if used correctly, can offer benefits that will last even after the end of the isolation period.  

Take advantage of your quarantine: use the 5 tips below

1. Take the opportunity to improve your knowledge and surprise after isolation

You know that extra knowledge you always wanted to get but never had the time? That knowledge that would give you better job opportunities, help you progress in the company or even open doors to new areas. The time has come to invest. Go beyond content consumption for pure entertainment; Consume content for educational purposes and invest in yourself. Try a course, YouTube tutorials, books or other opportunities. During quarantine, in addition to time, there are also more options available on the market. There are more and more free books – from Portuguese publishers and Kobo – and online courses are either cheaper or are also offered for free – with a quick search you will find hundreds of options in Portuguese and English. You can also consume content on Youtube or content written on blogs. This is also the ideal time to read all the books you've bought and haven't had a chance to read yet.

2. You have no excuses for not improving your physical (and mental) health

Right now there is time for a bit of physical exercise or to take care of your mental health. Even if you have younger children at home, keep track of schedules and schedule some time for yourself. In the case of physical exercise, some gyms are offering completely free classes for the entire community. Fitness Hut, for example, has more than 100 workouts available to do at home, for members and non-members. Another option is to look for videos on Youtube or apps that focus on the workouts you want to do. Want to try Yoga classes? Try the Daily Yoga app. Body Combat? The Les Mills On Demand platform is available. In terms of mental health, you can try to include a meditation routine in your daily life and moments of reflection. If you need psychological support, you can make appointments remotely and do them via < em>Skype.

3. Take this opportunity to remodel your home

Right now you are spending 24 hours a day in your home and, we believe, you have already found some points that can be changed, such as changing furniture or completely changing the decor. The objective is only to improve comfort and well-being inside the house. If what you want is to change the position of the furniture, get organized and make the necessary changes. If, on the contrary, you want to change your decor, don't leave your house, buy online. Due to Covid-19, there was a growth in online shopping by the Portuguese and, as expected, many businesses innovated and adapted to overcome the crisis. Amazon is one of the companies that has undergone changes in this time of crisis. Improving safety measures, increasing working hours and opening stores an hour earlier for the elderly are just a few examples of the changes Amazon has made. We also have Uber Eats and Glovo as two examples of the food sector that innovated to overcome the crisis. Some of the changes that took place were the suspension of the delivery fee – under certain conditions – and the improvement of security conditions. In the religious sector we have Holyart, a European company known as “Amazon of faith” and which sends more than 80,000 orders every year. During this time of crisis, Italy's largest online store of religious articles guarantees quality products delivered safely to your home.

4. And why not start a business or a new project?

Ever wondered what it would be like to own your own business, start a new project or take your current business to the next level? While it may be hard to believe, this is an ideal time to invest. Although sales may decline, consumption is on the rise, so this is the right opportunity to make your mark and become unforgettable in the eyes of potential customers. Invest in marketing, ask for support in the production of video or multimedia content, just show your company. Not sure how? We can help! Moving from traditional work to remote work can also be an excellent growth opportunity for your business.

5. Lastly, do everything you said you would

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