Wanting and doing...

ideias // blog // 20 MAR 2015 // Wanting and doing...

Today's subject is the fact that we always want something but never fight for it.
Do we talk about wanting to get a job, about wanting to be someone of greater importance, do we talk about our ambitions, emotions and the result?
All the conditions for living come together, because deep down, that's what we just do... the change will never be too big, at least when it comes to “unimportant” people or we can declare ourselves as the “dear public” from them.
We talk about wanting to change, wanting other things, we talk about so much… but it never changes, or very exclusively, it happens.
It is sad, yes, but we have to face this as society and everything that encompasses it. In the world of celebrities everything is much more different, we make one type of film just because this one and the other are "known" but that's all mere fantasy...
Can we remember Photoshop? From Vogue, to Marie Claire, to Sport's Illustrated? From the “rhetric” app? we are not perfect, nobody is… Even Beyoncee has a “serious relationship” with Photoshop, we have to wake up!!!
It's all a different world, we can also remember the false eyelashes that immediately give another look to a woman's eye, the 30-euro foundations that look like the person went to Photoshop that morning...
As I said, nobody is perfect... And now, that's how I started, do you want to know what this has to do with wanting something and not fighting for it? Because in this case, in this “little world of television”, this happens a lot, either because of embarrassment for something that is not in place or that is not as big as we want (women), or else because our friend is always funnier and it always gives much more to go (men)…
There are always impediments trying to destroy the things we want most and we can't let anything or anyone stop that!
One thing is certain, if you have the will, everything can be achieved, beauty no longer matters in this game called life, you either play it or you let it play...
But believe me, if you have the will and the spirit, things will happen, you have to believe and you have to do it, because we are in a labyrinth in which our only friend is us, because even the shadow leaves us in the dark, because true friends they are only counted by one hand and none may be there when you need them most, they may be far away, they may be bad too… what is certain is that if we don't do it, nobody will!
There are good people who will be telling you that all the time, but they will also get tired, don't you think? Or not having the strength to say more and end up… giving up.
And the person certainly didn't want you to do the same, they didn't want you to give up! Don't give up, really... Whatever it is, purely and simply, don't give up, because that's the end of something that hasn't even started yet.


Autora: Mariana Neves

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