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In our business, we have to follow certain rules during the development of projects so that they have as few vulnerabilities as possible.

However, &agra; As time goes by, new vulnerabilities are always being discovered, and in very serious cases we are forced to review our techniques in order to provide our customers with the best possible project.

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In the case of very old sites, a client must have their website regularly updated, otherwise it could be damaged. If you suffer from problems such as database corruption (and improper changes to the same), you can only do so.   using too old a program.

On the client side, the client is also vulnerable to attacks of a nature similar to computer attacks, which we call Social Engineering attacks.

Social Engineering, commonly known as cheating, deceiving, lying, is the way to go. the most dangerous form of attacks on computer systems, in which the person is It is often unconsciously taken to inform access credentials to critical computer systems.

Putting psychologically easy to guess passwords, date of birth, children's names, pet's name, are a serious risk to the computer security of your accounts email, website hosting service, etc. All it takes is a slightly innocent conversation in which these things are asked and we tell our life completely, which for people with bad intentions can have a great impact on their personal and computer life.

To protect yourself a bit from these attacks you can use one of the following techniques:

  • Do not use passwords to access your computer or terminals for critical operations on your computer system, preferring the so-called "hardware keys"
  • If you have mistakenly revealed something that could lead identification of one of your passwords should be change it immediately.
  • Writing down passwords on paper is a good idea.   This is not practical unless you store the password in a safe.
  • Always ask for the credentials of anyone who calls you and asks for confidential data, take note of the number that contacts you and request a contact number that you can call back. Preferably and if possible, record the conversation, informing who is there. on the other side of there; of the line that will go record the conversation.
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