The BOOM of “Startups”!

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The BOOM of “Startups”!

We live in a world where information is already available.   It is a luxury, it reaches anyone through any technological means.

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First, what are they?

These are usually start-ups that have a limited operating history.

  Due to their innovation, promising research projects and some research, they are young companies, with a tendency to reach further afield. Because they are mostly software, they require a small initial investment, however your growth can skyrocket if you are successful. As an example of successful companies we have Google, Facebook, or Yahoo, etc…

The war begins between the big companies, they dispute who acquires more and better “Stratups”. This is because they are a strong means of dissemination, of communication with users and their main function is to communicate with users. seek to facilitate and improve the user's day-to-day.

These companies have to have a sense of need on the part of users, which are intuitive and easy to handle. Google recently acquired ”Slicklogin” is a company dedicated to the development of a system that makes it possible to use a sound to log in, whether it is an application or a website. It develops an innovative recognition system that is difficult to be discovered by third parties, this by a voice command.

In this case, the goal is making the internet safer, one of the great public interests of users. One of the most hyped cases at this time is: of the purchase of Startup “ WhatsApp” by Facebook for the modest sum of $16 billion, the highest. This is how Facebook is. It is a communication application, it refers to the sending and receiving of messages, videos and audio, just like a sim card, but by using; that of an internet connection. All these companies are dynamic, enterprising, they stand out for their research and innovation, they are young people with ideas that sometimes end up being very successful and grow quickly and effectively in our times. For being innovative and taking businesses to a new level of lifestyle with Google</ogle</ a>, Facebook, among others seek to acquire them in order to monetize them even more, both grow in function of themselves.

by: Débora Trindade (intern)

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