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We find ourselves increasingly in a purely technological present, where we seek to develop the most varied projects, this in order to make our day-to-day life easier and more comfortable.   All of us, in general, have a “Smartphone”, a “Tablet”   even just a computer, where we can access a whole network of information and sharing completely universal, facilitating our lives in a genius way and which we do not dispense with even for a minute.

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  Interestingly, we all own a wristwatch, whether for style, playing a sport or simply keeping track of the time, it's a must. It is an easy-to-carry accessory for all tastes and moods and never goes out of style.  

What came to evolve in 2014, the “SmartWatch”, have the design of a normal wristwatch, but nevertheless contain all the technology of a “Smartphone” built-in, can be used in function with “Swartphone” or not.  

With this you can stay informed day or night, just by looking at the clock.   As a sports lover, for me it's a must. As a great associate with a daily exercise routine, it tracks nutrition and exercise, helping me reach my personal health and fitness goals, on a two-day outdoor run. ; gives me access to the entire path I've traveled, as well as I can still share all the moments, as it has an integrated camera, it gives me access to receive or send calls, messages and, of course, forecast Weather, seas, hours, a complete agenda, with voice command and touch sensitive.  

No more carrying the “Smartphone” In bags on the arm that fall or are left with the mark of physical exercise, this good can stay at home, as the watch is already used. has all the advantages up to now they made this indispensable, only it really needs to be waterproof to be my best friend.  

This technology is only available. It has three advantages, it makes my day-to-day life much more intuitive and practical because I continue to keep my body in shape by registering all my daily progress and I never miss all the news, or stop being in touch,   as a “Personal Trainer” and a personal secretary together in one, already! the saying went “a healthy body, a healthy mind”.  

by: Débora Trindade

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