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I have a certain memory of still seeing, in primary school, the small slate boards where the little ones used to put the exercises that the teacher gave them on the board. For the younger crowd now, I can describe them as a structure about the size of an A4 sheet of paper with a black slate surface to write on in chalk. Write and erase.  

Then came the most innovative ways of storing information. Notebooks, dossiers even; reach the mini computer or PC. This allowed us to do extraordinary things, write some things, play, play and finally play (Spectrum of course!). The biggest step was the internet. This great unknown that at the beginning was also in black and white but that quickly, very quickly was reaching more and more people and in different ways.

And after the computer came the iPad. This great little tool from Apple that for some is the best. It is merely a toy but for others it is a toy. without a doubt, one of the most effective work tools. A brief survey of successful cases resulting from the use of the iPad takes us to the most diverse areas of business. Common to all of them there are 2 key factors: the way it is; the information is taken to the public and the speed of access to it; information. These 2 factors result in gains in productivity and also in image as it associates the brand with innovation.  

Whether we like it or not, tablets (a category that includes the iPad and others) with applications - apps created specifically for each business, encourage people to use them and be more involved with the customer. The integration of apps with the company's management systems accelerates the way in which information goes from the customer to the company and from the company to respond to the customer, translating into an increase in productivity. All this with access to email, www and other services or apps.  

In terms of websites, tablet viewing falls into 2 forms: the compatible website and the optimized website. In the first case and contrary to what happens with the iPhone, as we have a large viewing area, the website is used. viewed in the same way as on a desktop computer. In other words, the entire program is made up of a series of programs. developed based on web standards (webkit) html5. In the second case, the view is displayed. It is designed for a better user experience, differing from the compatible website in terms of access to more precise navigation items to better reach the destination. information that is intended.  

Developing a web strategy cannot ignore tablets. It has to be designed to at least be compatible. Universal access to; online information that allows triggering the purchase process is essential. It is vital to validate a web strategy.   It is coherent to have an online store without prices on products. An online reservation system that allows you to book your vacation, obtain confirmation and a voucher cannot be incompatible with this platform.  

In the same way that a small blackboard made all the difference, the iPad changed the game and opened up the tablet market by creating a new way of interacting. He was the pioneer. And just as Spectrum gives to play some games.  

by: Tiago Vieira
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