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Trying to respond to the eternal journalistic triad:  

  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

 I wrote this text about Colour Calibration, I hope you like it

Colour Calibration
It has been used by human beings for a long time. millennia. Each colour has its own life, vibration and social meaning, according to “Feng Shui”   be used as a treatment for human diseases. colour through your visual apparatus and process it in your huge brain   We humans have a complex system for recognizing and measuring colours and from a very early age we aroused interest in them, reproducing and understanding them has always been a challenge. Newton played a key role in this vast scenario and since then, science has allowed colour calibration like never before.  

Why is it? do we need to calibrate the colour, ie calibrate our equipment?  
  because in this modern and technocratic society there are There will be an increasingly wide range of electronic equipment from various manufacturers whose function is to represent or work in the chromatic world, whether on television, in a magazine or on a camera. stays the colour is This is a gift and your faithful representation from support to support may vary.  

Is your domain? complicated and time consuming and it is It is a true science.   In this sense, ALFA decided to create a Workshop dedicated to; colour calibration on equipment used in the world of photography in order to clarify to its associates how they can establish a more faithful bridge between what we see and what we print, allowing them to improve their work platform and their results , reducing, among others, diffractions and chromatic aberrations.   Raising the knowledge of amateurs and professionals of “Praça Algarvia” in the world of photography, ALFA is at your fingertips. It is also making its positive contribution as an entity that aims to be a reference in the area of photography in the Algarve.

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